Another Rape “Sentence” In India

India Rape

It’s being reported that there’s been another village rape of a girl in India.  In this latest incident, a 14-year-old girl was raped after her brother allegedly assaulted a woman.  According to Jharkhand police chief Rajiv Kumar, who spoke to the BBC, “This rape happened out of retaliation.”  Kumar explained, “The day before, on 6 July, the wife of the accused was the victim of misbehavior on the part of the girl’s brother. The head of the village was instrumental in provoking this rape on the victim.”  That’s justice in the land of primitive, uneducated fools I suppose.  The head of the village along with the with brother of the girl and her rapist were all arrested.  If men were the victims of such atrocities, this practice of violating and abusing girls would cease.

Although Indian authorities appear to be taking these cases more seriously now, after outcries from citizens and the entire world, it’s going to take a monumental effort to end these rapes altogether.  Part of the problem is that these villages are far from major cities and quite isolated.  Therefore, the local elders become the law makers, the handers out of justice.  When you put that kind of power in to the hands of a fool, it obviously spirals out of control.

What’s even more incredible however, is that in a country of over a billion people, a country that claims to be the largest Democracy in the world, can’t govern and police itself.  There are many rural areas in the United States, but there is rule of law.  There are local police departments who protect citizens from criminals and vigilante justice.  It’s one of the main things that gives a government legitimacy.  If a government can’t control acts of terror like the one exhibited here, it should resign.  How can any country claim to be legitimate if it can’t control basic needs like protecting a 14-year-old girl from animals like the one who handed out her sentence.  And what’s worse, why didn’t anyone stand up to protect her?  All of India should be ashamed.  The entire country needs to be held accountable.  India as I have written previously, will always remain a third-world, backwards country until it can govern and protect all of her citizens.

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