Land’s End Customers Lose It Over “Pornographic” Cover

GQLand’s End, the family friendly clothing catalogue, has found itself in a firestorm of controversy after it offered copies of GQ as a gift to customers who ordered at least $100 worth of merchandise.  Other magazines were also offered but GQ was offered to the company’s male customers.  Some of the horrified women who received this issue, (remember, their husbands must have requested it) referred to the magazine as pornographic and complained that Land’s End had exposed their kids to soft porn.  Emily Ratajkowski, who appears on the cover seen here, is definitely showing a lot of skin.  But pornographic?  The naked body and this is really not a naked body since you don’t see anything more than you’d see at the beach, does not equate to pornographic unless you’re predisposed that way.  Clearly this is not pornography.

For its part, Land’s End apologized in an email for the “suggestive cover,” and told customers their free subscriptions would be switched to Condé Nast Traveler instead.  Many of these same customers were dissatisfied with the apology.  Perhaps their executives should prostrate themselves and beg for forgiveness.

GQ is an excellent and well respected magazine.  To call it pornographic is far more untrue then for me to call these women, sexually repressed, prudes and the reason why so many men in The United States of America grow up to be sexually unhinged.  There is such a thing as sex but this isn’t it.  The real problem is that these women consider breasts pornographic instead of a body parts that all women possess.  The USA is the most sexually unhealthy country in the world other than fundamentalist religious countries and countries like India and it’s time for people to stand up and tell these crazies that they are the ones with the problem, not GQ and not our society.

In the 50’s Elvis was considered pornographic because he swung his hips.  The real problem here is the problem with most of the world, religion.  Religious fanatics see the evil in everything.  This is how they make themselves feel superior despite the fact they’re superior to no one.  If you don’t like what Land’s End did, stop purchasing merchandise from the company.  But to act holier than thou and cause a controversy where there’s no controversy?  Just keep it to yourself.  No one cares.

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