Remembering The Victims Of 9-11

It’s almost unbelievable that 13-years-ago the world changed forever.  Thirteen years ago I watched as the first plane sped towards the World Trade Center.  Although at the time I knew something was wrong, little did I realize what would transpire on that beautiful, sunny, Tuesday morning.  I thought the pilot was trying to ditch the plane in the Hudson River but after the second plane hit the north tower, I understood, as did the rest of the civilized world, that our world be changed forever.

But the purpose of this post is not to recount the day in grief and sadness but rather to honor all those who lost their lives.  To do anything else would be to recognize the cowardly terrorists who so drastically changed the lives of those who lost husbands, wives, children, other family members and friends on that terrible day.  We remember all of the heroes, the fire fighters and police officers, the volunteers and everyone else who stepped forward to help those in need. We remember those who died months and years later as a result of working at Ground Zero.  They sacrificed their lives helping others and nothing could be more noble.  On this day, we pledge to rid the world of the miserable, angry murderers; people who exist only to kill others because they hate their own existences. On this day we stand up and declare Never Again!!

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