No “Good Guys” In Iraqi/Syrian Conflicts


Although it’s imperative that we end the existence of Isis, it’s just as important to understand that the alternatives are no better.  All of the parties in the Iraqi and Syrian conflicts that threatens to spill over in to Turkey, are “Bad Guys”.  So it’s crucial that the United States, in its usual shortsightedness, doesn’t arm the rebels with weapons that will allow it to overwhelm Isis but rather just enough to keep the civil war going indefinitely.  Assad, of Syria, just may be the best alternative although it’s difficult for most military leaders, and political scientists to comprehend.  Does anyone remember Afghanistan?

War, although a horrible scenario will always be with us as long as there are men who seek power and control over others.  This war in Iraq and the civil war in Syria is not about Islam.  It’s about control over resources; the monopoly over the techniques of violence which gives any group or government its ultimate legitimacy.  The Isis and rebel fighters are Hitlers in different attire.  Their ultimate goal is not not the spread of Islam, just as Hitler’s ultimate goal wasn’t about the spread of Christianity, it’s about taking over the world.  It’s about power.  They kill Muslims as readily as they kill Christian or Jews and they destroy Mosques without any regret.  They are the new Aryans and their ultimate demise is imperative.

For once, the men and women of our military commands need to get this right.  Although usually competent strategists, they are unable to think outside the box.  After all, outside the box thinking runs completely contrary to the military.  It’s simply about taking orders.  The United States policy needs to be centered around these factions continuing the fight.  Arm either side, both sides with whatever it takes to keep them fighting until they kill each other off.  We can not take sides because there are NO GOOD GUYS!!  This runs completely contrary to most American’s beliefs.  Americans need good guys and bad guys; heroes and villains.  Are there innocents being hurt and killed, absolutely!  And in the end, you hope the decent people left, take control.  But this conflict can not be avoided.  Its roots are based on hundreds of years of factional religious hatred, distrust, and territorial disputes.

At some point, one side will come out on top but not before many are killed and overall power diminished considerably. That should be our aim. We should only hope to keep the factions fighting each other, thereby saving the U.S. from having to go in and clean up.  Liberals need to stay out of it entirely because they are not reality based, critical thinking people but rather people who see the world through rose-colored glasses.  I implore President Obama to get this one right.  Critical errors could be catastrophic.  The future of the Middle East and the world, relies heavily on correct strategy in dealing with these terror groups.  This is not about democratizing a nation or nations but in ending, at the onset, the spread of this tyranny.

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