Cheryl Tiegs: No Need To Apologize

Cheryl Tiegs2

What is it with this new world we live in that people can’t say what they believe to be the truth, particularly when there’s no ill will intended and therefore find themselves apologizing?  The latest apology has been issued by Cheryl Tiegs, once one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She is no longer, simply by virtue that beauty, true physical beauty, is possessed only by the young.  The passage of time has forced us to say that she is beautiful “for her age.”  I won’t apologize for that statement.

As a teenager, I had the pleasure of buying Ms. Tiegs a drink in a Montauk Long Island bar.  She was absolutely beautiful and had the personality to match, even if she was just humoring me.  Her face was flawless as was her body and it made me thrilled to be a man.  I won’t apologize for that statement either.

We should all be concerned that someone can’t make a comment about what she believes without this silly social media, (a place where frustrated people and those who feel helpless, go to vent) coming down on her.  The fact is, Ashley Graham, one of the three Sports Illustrated cover models, is a beautiful women with youth on her side.  However, as any credible doctor will tell you, in the long run, being heavy, overweight, obese, is detrimental to a person’s health.  A size 16 at 25 isn’t going to be a 16 at 50.  People don’t lose weight as they get older, they get heavier.  That has serious health and financial implications for the individual and society at large.  That’s all that Cheryl Tiegs was saying.  She wasn’t criticizing or making fun of Ms. Graham.

That’s not to say that people shouldn’t love themselves for who they are and how they look but let’s not make up delusional stories like obesity being healthy if that’s your body type in order to not hurt each other’s feelings. Cheryl Tiegs is absolutely correct and rather than be bullied into an unnecessary and quite frankly ridiculous apology, she should be able to speak out for what she believes.  That should certainly be the right of a women who was once one of the most beautiful and fit women in the world.


2 thoughts on “Cheryl Tiegs: No Need To Apologize

  1. Was that bar the Shagwagn on Montauk hwy across from the library….I had the same pleasure back in the 70/80…on the way back from heating some R & R fishing the point or the beach at Ditch Plains…what a beautiful woman back the and still now…..thanks…

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