Truths About Donald Trump and His Campaign


Everyone who has an opinion, which is Everyone, has written or discussed the Donald Trump phenomenon.  But why is Trump the Republican choice for President?  How in the world could such a flawed candidate have come so far?  The truth is, he appeals to what many in this country feel or would like to say but would never do so.  He speaks to a large segment of the population even as he continually puts his foot squarely in his mouth feels about Trump. Listed below are truths about Donald Trump.

  1. There are those that even after eight years, have not accepted that a black man is President of these United States.  That’s simply a statement of fact and can not be disputed and I don’t often agree with Bill Maher.  They will do anything to counteract what’s been accomplished under President Obama’s administration.  Many of those same people are Donald Trump supporters.  Feel free to refer to them as racists.
  2. Donald Trump is the anti-establishment candidate in the Republican Party which is why the Romney and his cronies fought so hard against him.  The party cronies determine the platform for the convention and although the platform didn’t differ much from what we’ve seen in the past, there was and is a fear that Trump is not the neoconservative he now claims to be.
  3. Americans who feel that America is not the great place it used to be (real or perceived) see him as their savior. He speaks to their anger and their fear.  Military strength, immigration reform, trade/jobs and health care, are at the top of their agendas.  Immigration reform is and has been a major political issue for decades. And while Trump is not as sensitive on the issue as he should be, he’s attempting to address the topic of illegal immigration and keep it at the forefront of the political discourse.
  4. Trump is not a Nazi and for people to call him that trivializes and minimizes a gruesome period in world history where one man sought and achieved the murder of millions of innocent civilians.  Trumps daughter Ivanka is a convert to Judaism and is observant so he’s probably not going to send her or his new grandchild to an extermination camp.  This horrible rhetoric on the left needs to end!
  5. Trump is a spoiled baby.  Most billionaires are.  He can’t accept when someone attacks him and that stems from the fact that until his political career began, he wasn’t used to being challenged.  It may be too late for him at this point to learn that lesson.
  6. It is those billions however, that allow him to run a campaign that doesn’t have to address political correctness special interests or even his own party.  He says whatever he wants because he can.  That’s very appealing to some people, millions of people actually, who have already cast ballots for him.  Politics as usual to those who don’t mind his blabbering, for lack of a better term, prefer it to the scripted, same old thing.
  7. Trump is NOT a conservative.  He never has been and never will be.  If he wins the Presidency, which is a longer than long shot, his strategy will take a decidedly different course.
  8. Trump needs to do more to tone down the rhetoric at his campaign rallies.  That’s what leaders do.  I believe he will head in that direction as it’s his only chance of gaining back some of the support he’s lost since the conventions ended.
  9. Those on the left attempting to restrict Trump from speaking are every bit as dangerous as Trump.  You can’t protest what someone says by physically restricting them from saying it. And one other important point must be made, you never hear a Republican supporter ever say that if Clinton wins they’re moving out of the country. Only Democrats do that it and it’s a really poor example to set and demonstrates a real lack of character.  Cowardice actually and lack of honor.  Two horrible traits.
  10. The Republican Party is completely out of touch with the majority of the country and caters only to its base.  While Trump’s chance of winning the general election is slim even if he was to completely reinvent himself, his chance is better than any of the other candidates no longer in contention.  America has changed and will continue to change and unless the Republicans figure this out, the party may never again win a Presidential election.
  11. Finally, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the first woman President of The United States of America.

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