The Russians Are Coming?

The purpose of the post is not to decide on Trump’s guilt or innocence regarding the election and collusion with the Russians. Until the official investigation is complete, that will depend on whether you’re a liberal or conservative. The point is to ask a couple of questions and to make one controversial suggestion.

Point One:  If Trump was under investigation since July, and suspected of colluding with the Russians to affect the election, why did the FBI allow the election to go on four months later without raising those concerns?  It seems to me that if a Presidential candidate was suspected of such a crime, allowing him to lead this country could be dangerous to our national security.  It was only immediately following the election that we heard about this connection.  We obviously heard all about Hillary’s e-mail scandal. Why not Trumps?  The timing should raise a red flag for any intelligent and thoughtful person.  I don’t have the answer but it’s interesting.  Four months not four weeks.

If he’s guilty let’s get him out, but I hate melodrama and have a short attention span. Investigations unquestionably take a long time but if there was a smoking gun, it would have revealed itself as it was happening. You can’t hide things easily in the modern world which is why we’re here.  These types of investigations take months or even years to complete and they shouldn’t.  Let these guys skip some lunches at the Capitol Grill and supply quick and detailed answers to the American people.

Point Two: Speaking well of the Russians is not necessarily a bad thing and certainly in no way, implies guilt. Putin may not be a good guy but we have much in common with the Russian people and I prefer we have a cordial relationship as opposed to a return to an arms race.  Isn’t it fascinating that when President Reagan was calling Russia the Evil Empire, liberals were calling him dangerous and a war monger.  Now we have a President who thinks we should have strong relations with Russia and liberals are calling Russia the most dangerous threat to our nation of any country on earth.  What?  Leonid Brezhnev was not a good guy either.  He was a dictator although not on the level of Khrushchev or Stalin and Reagan made that very clear.   When Gorbachev came to power, Reagan saw the opening and the rest is history.  The Russians are much less a threat to us today than when I was growing up; when the acronym MAD was thrown around like it was a safety device similar to a seat belt.  It was actually scary as hell.

Finally, one suggestion, and I mean it in all seriousness.  I believe that our Federal government should return to the use typewriters and or pen’s and paper when it comes to the most sensitive issues pertaining to our national security. The Russians or any other country, organization or individuals can’t hack a piece of paper. We made it through World War I, World War II, The Korean War, the Viet Nam War and yes, almost all of our Presidential elections and there were no e-mail scandals.  There is no such thing as cyber-security.  Our government, when it comes to our safety, can function without technology.  It might in fact be the only way to keep us safe.

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