We May Never Know The Motivation Of The Las Vegas Massacre Shooter

I awoke this morning to a headline that read, “Motive Still Unknown After 59 Killed and More Thank 500 Injured In Las Vegas”.  We may never know what motivated this lunatic to do what he did unless he left behind a suicide note or other concrete evidence as to his motivation.

However, I contend that unless this was an act of violence perpetrated by a loyalist of ISIS, which doesn’t appear to be the case, his motivation may not matter.  The fact remains that this was an evil person, for whatever reason, desired to killed and injure as many innocent human beings prior to taking his own life.  The President referred to this person as “Pure Evil” and that is the best way to describe him.

If one was to speculate, he/she could come up with any number of reasons but they would all be conjecture, not fact.  Most logical reason for his insanity, being the child of a bank robber who was on the FBI’s most wanted list.  My father, who ran several nursing homes for mental illness throughout his fifty plus years in medicine used to say that “insanity runs in families”.  Now I know that by today’s standards it might not be a nice thing to say but the truth often isn’t nice.  If I have learned anything in my time on this earth, growing up is difficult when born into a so-called “nuclear family”.  But when born into a family of a life long degenerate thief, that’s about two and one half strikes against you and a tough hurdle to climb.

Clearly this man didn’t snap or have some kind of a breakdown since this was a very well thought out plan.  He had to purchase and or modify his weapons, (these were obviously not weapons purchased “as is” at a gun show).  He had to know there would be a concert.  He had to book the suite that would have the clearest view to the audience below.  This was the well thought out plan.  And unfortunately, his plan succeeded better than he might have even expected.

My point here however is not to figure out what goes on in the head of a madman.  Rather, to make the statement that in a free society, one can’t necessarily prevent such a tragedy.  This was a person with no record, who, even with a stringent background check, would have been able to purchase rifles without any red flags going up.  On the surface, it’s almost unimaginable that a person with homes, cars, money and the possessions that most people work hard in the pursuit of everyday, would carry out such evil.  Only a psychopath would even consider it.  So perhaps that’s his motivation, demons.  But this should not be turned into a gun debate at this time, or a what could have been done to prevent it debate.  Essentially, this was not preventable and that’s very difficult for people to accept.  Just like death for all of us is not preventable, people find it difficult to accept that sometimes in life, there are no answers.  This is one of those times.

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