Collective Hollywood Guilt

What an absolute joke.  The Hollywood elite are now coming out of the woodwork denying that they had any knowledge of the exploits of Harvey Weinstein.  The Motion Picture Academy has revoked his membership and so on and so forth.  Well let’s be clear, they are all full of it.  Two people can’t keep a secret, never mind dozens and probably many more than that. There’s an old saying that states, the only way two people can keep a secret is if one’s dead.  We can therefore make the assumption that EVERYONE on the inside, the so-called Hollywood elite, knew Weinstein was a predator.  So essentially, they are COLLECTIVELY GUILTY.  Let’s also not forget that for every Hollywood actress that has come forward to accuse Weinstein of inappropriate behavior, or had any knowledge of his behavior, there are probably 1,000, not rich and famous, who at least ran across his path.

This morning, Jennifer Lawrence came out and stated that early in her career “a female producer had me do a nude lineup.”  A male producer told her he didn’t know why everyone thought she should lose weight and said she was “perfectly f…able.”  If that’s not sexual harassment then I’m unsure of the definition.  Yet even as she made these allegations, she never names the producers.  They should be banned not just from Hollywood but blacklisted from the workforce.  So while I’m sure she has the best of intentions by coming out with these revelations, she is allowing it to continue.  Furthermore, the only way she and all of the other actresses can be considered brave is if they are willing to take down every single one of those individuals known to have sexually harassed any female or male actors.  If not, they bare at least some culpability.  How ironic that when our President was outed in that video tape on the bus regarding his behavior towards women, Hollywood quickly jumped on board and was outraged but when it happens in their house, mum’s the word.  That is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Finally, let me be absolutely clear, the victims of all of these predators are obviously not to blame.  They are the victims.  However, ALL of the Hollywood elites who said nothing and continue to say nothing substantive, are their accomplices.


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