President Trump A Liar? Not When It Comes To Delivering On His Campaign Promises

There is little question that Donald Trump is the most divisive President in the history of these United States.  You either love him or hate him.  There is no in-between.  The purpose of this post is to state facts, not give opinions because that’s not news.  The melodrama and all of the negative things said about him may be true but that doesn’t interest me.  That’s for other people to argue about.  But there are some facts, not opinions that summarized President Trump’s first year in office.  Let’s look at the facts.

Year 1:

  1. President Trump campaigned on appointing a conservative Supreme Court Justice.  We can certainly check that off as Justice Gorsuch has more than successfully filled the shoes of the man he replaced.  And he’s probably going to get at least one more appointee if not two.
  2. President Trump campaigned on eliminating the Affordable Care Act and while he failed, he at least attempted to follow through with exactly what he promised during the campaign.
  3. President Trump vowed to remake the tax code.  He was more than successful in that campaign promise.
  4. President Trump campaigned on America First.  He pulled out of the global warming accord and TPP and NAFTA are being renegotiated.
  5. The Wall may never be built but there are several prototypes being looked at as I write this and I wouldn’t bet against it being built.  But even if it never comes to fruition, it’s another campaign promise he’s attempting to keep.
  6. Immigration reform has been at the top of his agenda just as he said it would.  He has forced Congress to deal with DACA.
  7. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel may not be popular with some but this started over twenty years ago with a resolution in Congress.  He’s just the first President who had the guts, stupidity, whatever it is you want to call it, to follow through on his campaign promise.
  8. He has signed a number of measures greatly reducing government regulations.

So while many in the media focus on how crazy he is and his impeachment, Donald Trump is fundamentally changing the United States of America.  While many have spent the better part of his first year whining and complaining, stating “not my President”, he has changed, attempted to change or reversed many of the progressive initiatives set forth by President Obama.  The way to implement change is not to whine, but rather to run candidates, to use the process as it’s intended to be used.  Until that happens, the fact remains, President Trump is following through on every single one of his campaign promises.  He may be a liar but he’s also one of the most honest Presidents to ever sit in the oval office.

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