What Ever Happened To “Real News”?!

For the most part, I have stopped watching any kind of network news and now simply get my news from a couple of Magazines and newspapers I consider to be unbiased and credible.  I can no longer tolerate the opinionated news networks and this includes all sides of the political spectrum.  The term “Real News” is not meant to imply that any of the networks are delivering “Fake News” but rather, Opinionated, Biased based News and that’s Not News!!!  That’s tabloid television.  When Walter Cronkite was an anchor, too many years ago, people respected and trusted him because he delivered the news with a sense of truth and a straightforward approach that gave you the sense he was a professor delivering a lecture and not some left or right-wing crybaby trying to make a point or win an argument.

My job as someone who writes a blog that attempts to deliver unbiased information based on my knowledge and education, is not to determine whether or not President Trump has diminished mental capacity as so many have reported on the left.  Psychiatrists should not be making that diagnosis as it’s highly unethical and completely motivated by emotion.  And yet, so many news sources are happy to run that story as if it gives it some credibility.  I’m not saying there isn’t validity to that, all I’m saying is that until an actual psychiatrist examines him and makes that diagnosis, it’s simply tabloid television.  No one should be willing to accept that, even it you hate the man and all he stands for.  It’s just wrong.  It’s no different from what those on the right did during the eight years of the Obama Presidency.  I certainly want no part of it.

The purpose of this blog has always been to deliver thought from the center and I will continue to do so.  That’s because there is in fact a center but today it doesn’t exist in the mainstream media.  The purpose of news broadcasting is to report factual stories that are unbiased.  The individual should then be able to form his her opinion based on those facts.  The news is not supposed to tell people how to think and that is exactly what CNN Fox and other networks are doing.  That’s the way the news is delivered in fascist countries and we should not support that type of news reporting simply because we agree with what is being said.  It’s Not News!!!

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