True Love: The Adventure Continues

I have always loved the sea.  I spent much of my childhood on the water.  There is a photo of me at 6 months old on my parent’s first boat and rumor has it, I never cried when I was aboard the boat.  My dad, a Navy Veteran, loved the sea and he instilled that love upon me.  The Ocean contains the last bastion of civil humanity on this planet.  Sailors, boaters watch out for each other.  Every stranger is your friend and every port holds a new and distinct adventure.

The ocean’s beauty is overwhelming.  Yet her wrath without compassion.  She is unemotional.  She isn’t angry, she isn’t vindictive and she certainly isn’t vengeful.  She just is.  Long ago I remember hearing this saying from my mother, following several deaths during the Fastnet Race that stated, “the sea did not invite you, expect from her neither sympathy nor compassion.”  That’s why it’s important to be as prepared as possible when you set sail.

This is a number of years in the making and this past December I finally found the boat I wanted.  She is beautiful and will be a work in progress for the next few years.  However, when completed, she will be every bit as wonderful as the day she first splashed in the sea.   I will be writing about each new adventure as I once again set sail.  So welcome to the Family True Love.  Her name speaks for itself and no, my wife isn’t jealous of her.

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