The Truth Series

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about writing a daily post about The Truth.  In these incredibly polarized times it’s difficult to imagine that there are any truths left.  But lo and behold there are some truths.  For example, in calculus the derivative of X-1=1.  That is not open for interpretation or opinion, it’s fact.

People are so desperate to be heard that they no longer care about the facts but rather their own truths.  This is the case on BOTH SIDES of every issue.  The left is no better than the right and the right is no better than the left.  They are both the same despite where each side believes they stand in history.

It’s time to at last pen some facts that are of course my opinion but difficult to dispute.  Reason being, I have no stake in the game whether it be to feed my own ego or wallet.  The next number of days I will post a truth and it matters not whether anyone agrees with me.  It just is.

Post #1-Opinions are not truths

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