The Truth Series #1: Opinions Are Not Truths

While it seems to be a fairly obvious statement on the surface, “Opinions are not truths”.  For some reason, over the past decade or so, since the advent of social media I suppose, facts have become less and less important in favor of opinions.  Years ago, media outlets, be it television, magazines or newspapers reported stories.  The people who wrote and/or reported them, were knows as reporters.  A reporter is defined as “a person who reports.” or “a person employed to gather and report news.”  By definition, a reporter is NOT someone who gives their biased, slanted positions.  That’s referred to as “Tabloid Journalism” and Both Sides healthily partake in this type of journalism.

Someone who follows or believes in that type of journalism is uninformed and is simply looking for validation of their beliefs.  CNN and MSNBC have no more credibility than OAN or Fox News.  They do exactly the same thing.  The only difference is that each believes they are reporting the facts.  But as someone who is as educated and as well read as most of those who “report” the news, I know that both sides are biased beyond the point of credibility.

For example, those who give opinions on the validity of the Electoral College need to have read the entire Constitution 15 times and the Federalist Papers at least 3 times as I have.  All of the Federalist Papers, not just 10 and 51.  That is where the answers lie, NOT in the Media and those who have a stake in either abolishing or maintaining it.

Another example, is the current and continuing controversy over immigration.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to the issue of immigration.  It’s simply a matter of perspective.  The left believes it’s essentially inhumane to stop people who want to seek asylum from entering the country and the right believes it’s wrong to let anyone who wants to enter, come in, without doing so according to the law.  Both sides are correct and both sides are incorrect.  If you can’t see both sides, you are not a centrist.  But the more important point here is that there is no correct side on this issue.  It’s a very difficult issue and one that can only be solved by those more intelligent than those currently in power on both sides of the aisle.

Liberals and conservatives simply see things differently and all the name calling in the world doesn’t make one side or the other correct.  Opinions are simply, that no matter how strongly you believe in something.  If you want to know the truth, then you will need to do the research yourself.  If you simply want to hear what makes you feel good, then continue watching your preferred network.  But just remember, Opinions Aren’t Facts!!

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