What’s Wrong With This Freshman Class?!

Since I have no idea who Rashida Tlaib is, I will reserve judgement on her recent childish and unfortunate comment regarding President Trump.  But in a way, she exemplifies everything that’s wrong with this incoming class of Freshman Congress People.  Their lack of experience and new-found power is not being used properly.  It’s time to end emotional behavior and outbursts of almost every person in politics.  Government is not supposed to be about emotion, it’s supposed to be about our Constitution and the rule of law, leadership, and decorum.

The incoming class in many cases is guilty of the exact same things for which they accuse our President; unprofessionalism, emotional outbursts, lack of knowledge, manipulating facts and so on.  So we need to be very clear Congresswoman Tlaib and Congresswoman Cortez and the other inexperienced incoming lawmakers, there will be no impeachment before the Mueller Report.  Further and more importantly, there will be no impeachment without the support of the Republican controlled Senate.  So please stop placating your constituents with lies that you actually have some power and control over what happens to President Trump.  To the educated and those in the center, and there are some among us, you sound like fools.

When it became clear that President Nixon was guilty of high crimes and the House of Representatives began the impeachment process by introducing articles of impeachment, the President had little choice but to resign.  We are not there yet.  So until that happens you are partaking in meaningless banter. Where are the level-headed, intelligent men and women in the Congress?  I highly suggest that the leadership of both parties come together to jointly address the American people and demonstrate that there are in fact some level-headed adults in both parties who will indeed place country before politics.

Finally, what made this country great is that despite our citizens coming from all corners of the globe we are all Americans first.  Every single Congress Person and Senator took an oath that clearly stated “do solemnly swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the Unites States”.  We are Americans first and foremost despite our ties to our former countries or territories.  Americans of Italian decent fought against Mussolini in World War II as did German and Japanese Americans fight against their former homelands.  E Pluribus Unum – of many, One. When that very concept changes, this country will truly be in a fight for it’s very existence.  Make no mistake, it’s the reason that one can’t be President who isn’t born here.  It’s also the reason why a person must be 35-years of age to run.  Experience is the greatest teacher.  The Framers understood that an insurrection from a hostile country would be dangerous.  It’s also the reason for the Electoral College, which must never be changed.  If the Democratic party doesn’t figure out how to reign in this Freshman class of rebels in some cases and assuming President Trump isn’t impeached, it’s highly probable that he will in fact be reelected in 2020.

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