The Bias of the Networks is Unquestionable

While the press will always have an important role to play in checking the powers of The President and Congress, it has clearly lost its way.  CNN and MSNBC play the exact same game that Fox does and just because they say they don’t, doesn’t make it so.  I watch all three channels in an effort to see what’s actually happening and all three stations are guilty of bias and pandering.

It reminds me of boxing.  Having viewed thousands of fights dating back to the early 70’s, it’s always amazed me how 10,000 people could be watching the exact same fight and half believe one fighter won and half the other.  Why is that?  It’s because if you like one fighter more than the other, you tend to watch one over the other.  But that’s not how you judge a fight.  No matter how difficult, you must watch both fighters at the same time.  Every landed punch matters.  Every blocked punch matters.  Every counter punch matters.  The point is, the viewer declares victor the fighter he favors.  The same is true of the three previously mentioned networks.  Most people will only watch the station with which they agree.  That’s a sad commentary of our times.  I learned when I was in University that the best way to counter an argument is to understand from where the other person obtains his or her knowledge.

Occasionally, but only occasionally, the networks will have a guest from the other party or other side of an issue but it rarely happens.  MSNBC with Rachel Maddow always seems pleased after a guest, who is obviously of the same mindset, agrees with her.  It’s always as if this guest has enlightened the audience but in reality it’s just more of the same.  Fox actually does have guests from the other side but often they aren’t given a serious opportunity to express their views.  It’s all so silly really.

The fact is, the news networks have morphed from fact-finding, fact reporting information sources to opinion media; tabloid media.  No intelligent person could question that President Trump often lacks credibility because of the fashion in which he delivers his message.  However, there are tens of millions of Americans who agree with his message even if they dislike his delivery.   Time and again the left-leaning media fails to make this point.  The left seems to believe that conservatives will just see the light and be Americans.  However, that would mean having to accept the left’s positions and that isn’t going to happen.  Conservatives would rather put up with a very flawed President Trump than a very flawed left leaning, liberal agenda.  CNN and MSNBC are notorious for not accepting that position but it doesn’t make Trump agenda supporters crazy or extremist.   If there is real proof of serious violations of law that rises to “high crimes and misdemeanors” that will change.

On the other hand, Fox rarely recognizes some of the valid points point forth by the other two networks.  They often correctly point out incorrect facts and comments made in poor taste.  President Trump does often spew untruths and Fox doesn’t hold the President accountable.  But such is the nature of todays networks as well as social media.  The truth is what people choose to believe and not necessarily the facts.  If we are to change this, we need to hold all of the networks, newspapers and social media accountable.  Fake news??  It depends on what you choose to believe.

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