It’s Time to Put Covid to Bed and End the Mask Mandate on Planes

We are now two years and one month into the Covid-19 pandemic. To date, approximately 979K Americans have died from Covid. We don’t know how many of those 979K deaths, would have occurred regardless of whether or not they caught Covid. That’s not a statistic that’s either kept, or provided to the public. Those who were fully onboard with all of the restrictions and who wish restrictions were still in place, acted as if that was the only disease that could kill you. Avoid Covid and you and your loved ones would live to celebrate the holidays next year. Unfortunately, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ALS and all the other diseases, didn’t cease killing people.

Covid could have been labeled the “Fear Virus.” Since you can’t transmit cancer or heart disease, it not as fearful to those who are most fearful of dying. But what was worse is that somehow the “morally superior control force”, was established. And of course much of the anger and tension was based on the “morally superior control force” who wanted to tell people that they were selfish, lousy human beings because they wanted to continue living their lives; the people who don’t believe that simply existing, or breathing, is somehow life. But that’s their choice and they can stay home and isolate and mask forever, even while driving alone in their cars. That shouldn’t bother anyone. That’s their right.

Two years into this pandemic, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, arenas and stadiums are back at full capacity, no masking. But for some reason, the government still believes that we need to keep flying passengers in masks, despite the lifting of most restrictions in the country. At this point It’s silly and arbitrary. Hence, a passenger flying on a Southwest Jet, refused to put on a mask, causing the flight to be evacuated and causing the other passengers to miss their flight. Apparently she was in no hurry to get anywhere and that was a very selfish act, even though I might understand why she did it. Right now that’t still the protocol and the place to fight it, is not on board the plane.

We know far more about Covid today, than we did even a year ago. If you’ve been vaccinated and boosted, your odds of being hospitalized and dying are slim. That’s all that matters. I believe wholeheartedly in vaccines and was a very early recipient of the Pfizer shots and booster. Vaccines work! For people who aren’t vaccinated, the government has the right not to allow them to fly. Falsified documents should be punishable by a large fine and even jail time. Just as with driving a car, flying in a plane is a privilege not a right. If you’re vaccinated and boosted and still are uncomfortable, you have the right not to fly or you can wear a mask. That’s your choice. Very simple.

The airplane mask mandate at this point, no longer makes any sense. It’s time to lift all mask restrictions and recognize the fact that Covid is now endemic. The airplane mask mandate is set to expire on April 18th and that’s what the or the government should let happen. Just like with any other disease, human beings will be at risk. Sickness and death are simply part of the cost of being born. Science did an incredible job of bringing a vaccine to market in record time and that saved untold lives. That should be the focus, along with preparation for the next pandemic.

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