What’s Up With Amy Schumer?

The slap heard round the world continues to make headlines. The latest one being Amy Schumer’s decision to take a step back from her career to be with her family. That’s never a bad decision. It’s my belief that the degradation of our society started with the breakdown of the family. The high rate of divorce and strangers raising children because both parents need to work in order to survive. So I can totally relate to her decision to take time to be with her son.

What I don’t understand is the melodrama that followed the incident claiming she was “triggered and traumatized.” Schumer stated, “waiting for this sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed.” The slap was disgusting and uncalled for, but triggering? At a time when children are being massacred in Ukraine, a little slap in the face that Chris Rock was able to brush off and barely miss a cue, triggering? That’s the trauma to which she refers? It’s unbelievable and despite the fact that there will be so many who bleed with her, (misery does in fact loves company, after all), it makes no sense.

We have become a country of weak, coddled individuals that look for any reason to come together and suffer collectively. “We’re all in this together.” There will be people who say that all human beings are different and have different tolerances. I get that but some people’s responses are less rational than others. I think most of us could agree that laughing at a funeral is an inappropriate response. It’s kind of like that. For the moral police, the pandemic was the same thing but in that case, people were, and are, actually dying. This was nothing like that.

Let’s put things in perspective. What happened at the Oscar’s was unacceptable. Will Smith has since apologized and hopefully he and Chrsi Rock can move forward as friends. Smith should face some disciplinary action from the academy or some other action but even if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. This will be forgotten as Spring turns to summer. But I would be concerned about Amy Schumer, since she’s so easily “triggered” by an incident that in reality wasn’t and shouldn’t have been traumatizing.

One final thought, it shouldn’t take a meaningless slapping incident to enlighten Schumer that spending more time with your child is a good thing. Most people don’t have that option.

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