Twitter: Locked Account Raises Legitimate Public Policy Concern

For the first time in the ten years, I’ve been a part of the Twitterverse, my account was locked. The choice given to me was either remove the tweet or no access to the platform. My tweet involved someone in the UK who had been responsible for the deaths of two small children. I responded by saying I believe anyone responsible for the deaths of children, or adults for that matter, due to their drinking and or drug use, should face the ultimate penalty. Human beings cannot callously cause the deaths of other human beings and then just move on following an inadequate prison term.

It seems to me there is a faction of people who are more concerned with the treatment and well-being of the guilty, than with justice for the innocent. The logic: the system is fatally flawed and the guilty are the “real victims,” of the system. So, I tweeted that I thought people who think that the guilty person deserves a second chance obviously never had that happen to them and that they should experience it, to perhaps gain empathy for those affected by these types of tragedies. I said it a little differently but because it appeared that I wanted people to suffer the fate of being victimized, in this way, it violated twitter’s policy of kindness or some such thing.

For the purpose of transparency, my brother was killed by a hit-and-run driver nine years ago. He was on his bike and the person who struck and killed him, left the scene, and my brother, to die on the side of the road. The person, who authorities believe was drunk, left the scene so that it couldn’t be proven. They had their driver’s license suspended on prior occasions for other traffic violations, including DUI. It was a massive tragedy and one that you don’t think could ever happen to your family. My father never recovered, and my mother is permanently scarred. This person is again walking free. Free to kill someone else’s innocent family member. Hopefully that won’t happen, but hope is not a plan.

This story on the BBC involved a reckless driver who was drunk and on drugs, endling the lives of two small children, when he hit their car at 70 mph (112kph). The mother, who survived the accident said, “their lives have been destroyed and their home feels like an empty shell.” For the murder, of two children, ages three and four, he received a nine-year prison sentence, but he could be out in half that time. Regarding the sentence the judge said some would find the sentence inadequate, but that only Parliament could change the law.

My outrage was clear in my tweet. For how much longer will lawmakers allow liberal sentencing guidelines to cause innocent victims of evil doers, to suffer twice; once from the death of a loved one and again from inadequate sentencing? Four and a half years, for the deaths of two children??!! In order to get back on Twitter, I had to retract the tweet. But Twitter police, I don’t apologize or accept any malfeasance for a legitimate tweet that should be protected by the 1st Amendment. If Twitter is to remain relevant, it cannot be a sensor. Hopefully, the new owner will change this policy.

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