Kim Jong Un Threatens Preemptive Nuclear Strike

As a direct result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the lack of a serious response by the west, Kim Jong Un is undoubtedly feeling emboldened. As I wrote in a previous entry, one of the most dangerous results of the lack of a real response to the unwarranted invasion by Russia, would be emboldening countries like China and North Korea. While the world is focused on Ukraine, Un has his scientists feverishly working on its nuclear weapons program.

In a recent speech, Un praised his top military officials following a huge military parade in the capital. He said his country would continue developing nuclear weapons so that it could, “preemptively and thoroughly contain and frustrate all dangerous attempts and threatening moves from hostile forces, if necessary.” Essentially, he’s claiming that launching a nuclear strike, could be considered if he deems a threat from either South Korea, the US or any NATO allies. Defining that threat could mean anything.

Striking first with a nuclear attack has never been considered an option until now. MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction was a doctrine that assured no side would fire their nuclear weapons first, because it would mean annihilation for both sides. It was a doctrine born from the Cold War and although no longer discussed for the most part, the doctrine still applies. Apparently Un didn’t receive the memo.

His threat is obviously hollow because it wouldn’t take many nuclear missiles to totally annihilate his country. It would literally be suicide. He’s speaking that way because he knows no one will stand up to him at this point. His threat of nuclear attack could be used to force the US to drop sanctions, or so he believes. It’s obviously the talk of a mad man. He’s an inexperienced, child who knows nothing about governance or leadership. Nuclear weapons and spouting threats at the west, keeps his own people from rising up against him. Although they would probably be too frightened at this point to do anything regardless of how difficult life is in the country. He should be taken seriously, but not afforded too much respect.

North Korea, regardless of the weapons they possess is a tiny country. It’s fine for Kim Jong Un to want respect, but on the world stage, Un deserves very little. He’s a murderous dictator from a terrible family of dictators who forces his people to live in squalor. And while he should be assured that the west has no intention of invading his country, sanctions will remain, until changes are made. He should also be reminded that in a nuclear conflict, his country would end. The US desires peace but is prepared for any eventuality. Nothing more should be said until he’s prepared to make some concessions to at last end the armistice, and work towards a final peace agreement.

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