Democrats Need to Change Course or Face Losing the White House in 2024 by a Landslide

I’ve always been a person who considered himself to be in the center on most topics. I weigh and measure issues based on the facts, strength, and validity of evidence available and determine my position accordingly. I don’t read articles online and make decisions on policy, I look at the actual policy or law and draw my own conclusions. It’s why I went to college and graduate school. Some positions are indefensible. For example, there is no argument to be made, in support of the January 6th invasion of the Capital by make-believe insurrectionists. In reality, they were just morons who got caught up in the excitement of the day, but there’s no excuse for it. Even that comment is controversial as some on the extreme left believe this was an actual coup d’etat. Nonsense!! The biggest failure of that day was law enforcement, even allowing them up the steps of the Capital. It should have been extinguished far earlier. An underestimation and failure, that hopefully won’t be made in the future.

Most issues are not so clear cut, however. And the Democrats are taking a lot for granted in pushing an agenda that will not favor an electoral win in 2024. Do Americans see themselves as partaking in systemic racism? Most would probably say no. Who would want to admit such a thing, except an actual racist? Many, like my family, weren’t in the United States during slavery. My family was being tortured and oppressed by the Tzar in Russia, for being Jewish. It doesn’t mean that I don’t empathize and detest everything about slavery, but I can’t take personal responsibility any more than people of color can take responsibility for my family’s antisemitism, and oppression, at the hands of the Tzar. I suppose the next argument would be, but we can hide our religion behind our fair skin. Not really, as most Jews look Jewish and we attend Synagogues, not Churches, so we’re often cast as living outside the American community.

The point I’m attempting to make is that there are many millions of Americans who emigrated to these shores in the 20th century and who aren’t keen on accepting systemic racism or blame for atrocities for which they bear no responsibility. It’s one of the reasons that reparations are controversial. Those whose families were slave owners and who perpetrated that evil on these shores, might be held accountable, add to that list, Angenla Davis’ Paternal family, but people who weren’t even here? I really haven’t taken a position, other than to make the case that this could really hurt the Democrats if they continue to pursue it.

Then there’s the issue of law enforcement, that once again was brought to the fore by the murder of Tyre Nichols. Since it was caught on camera with audio, we don’t have to wait for a trial to convict the officers involved, in the court of public opinion. Our eyes don’t lie and there can be no justification for that beating. However, is that horror really an argument for disbanding law enforcement? Every single day that passes without incident, demonstrates that yes, there are some bad eggs out there, but most are busy doing their jobs in accordance with the law.

There are thousands of traffic stops every single day in this country and most don’t end with murder. I have known and trained many in law enforcement and they take their jobs of helping people, first and foremost, very seriously. As we have seen time and again in the most liberal cities, crime continues to spike because when the actual bad guys don’t face punishment, they continue being bad guys. Mayor Adams of New York City and retired Police Captain has said as much. Revolving doors in the criminal justice system, leads to high rates of recidivism. That shouldn’t be controversial.

When it comes to gender, athletics, bathrooms and lockeroom’s, public opinion is not on the side of the Dems. We agree that members of the trans community have very difficult lives, high rates of suicide, and face housing and workplace discrimination. But that doesn’t mean people want their daughters and granddaughters competing against them in sports or sharing bathrooms. Restrictive laws are being passed across the country because average people don’t object to them. The left doesn’t understand that transgender puberty blockers aren’t just a thing to be accepted. Books about sex and gender in grammar schools isn’t a slam dunk. Many parents just want their children to learn how to read and basic math. Parents want control over the socialization of their children. It’s not the role of schools. It doesn’t make them anti-anything and the end of fear of speaking the truth has at last arrived.

If there’s anyone in the GOP who’s in charge, that person needs to understand that the White House is theirs to lose. That is, unless far right extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are permitted to hijack the party, and the platform. The Democrats have veered so far to the left, that if the GOP just brings it back slightly, whoever the nominee, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley or someone else like Rick Scott, who I believe would be a very strong candidate, the GOP will win easily. The Democrats have no one other than President Biden, who, at 82-years of age on Election Day, won’t be a viable candidate.

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