Recent Gallup Poll Indicates that 19.7% of Generation Z Identifies as Queer

A recent Galup poll of Generation Z, claims that 19.7 percent of all people born between 1997 and 2004 identify as queer. That means that one in five Gen Z’ers identify as queer. You don’t need to be a pollster or a scientist to know that number is greatly exaggerated. In the LGBT+ Pride 2021 survey, on average, in 27 countries, 4% of Gen Z vs. 2% of Millennials and 1% of Gen X and Boomers identified as transgender, non-binary, non-conforming, gender fluid, or in a way other than male or female. What it demonstrates, is that there are many young people, who either lie, or are trying to figure out their place in the world. You might ask why I would even care to address this. The answer is quite simple actually. The need to know.

It would leave one to believe that subsequent generations will also see large increases in those self-identifying as queer, meaning that at some point humanity will end, because everyone will identify as queer. No need to worry about climate change. Obviously, I’m exaggerating but if this statistic was true about humanity, there would necessarily have to be similar percentages in other countries around the world, and that just isn’t the case. I couldn’t find anything even close to those percentages anywhere else in the world.

This is societal and needs further research. Let me be clear, if you’re born queer, be proud, and enjoy life. That’s not mine or anyone else’s business. However, if you’re making a choice because you’re confused, or lost, don’t fit in, or don’t understand depression, get help. It’s actually unfair to those who truly suffer from gender dysphoria, for example, to have to compete for the help and resources they need, when many don’t suffer from true dysphoria at all. I would be curious to know who was surveyed. Where was this poll taken? Was it a sample of young people from all fifty states? How does this poll skew in cities like New York or San Franciso, vs. cities like Memphis and Minneapolis?

For most of our history, being gay or queer was not only frowned upon, but illegal in many states. People in the LGBTQ community faced housing discrimination workplace discrimination and often were disowned by their own families. Some still face discrimination and family ostracization. That’s horrible and must never be tolerated. We have made great strides in this country as I wrote when same sex marriage became the law of the land. No one should be discriminated against because they love someone. If their intention is to marry and stay together as a couple and raise children, why should anyone care? What business is it of an individual, group or government to interfere? As the sign on the FDR Drive in Manhattan used to read, “if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married.” Very simple actually. We have come a long way towards marital equality in this country, while still having a way to go. But one of the greatest things about this country is its ability to take one step backwards and two steps forward. It’s always been the case and that will continue. One step back and two steps forward.

However, there needs to be a balance. The very fact that a poll could indicate that 20% of Generation Z is queer, says that there’s something going on in our schools or online or in the socialization of younger people. The poll can’t be correct and the fact that Galup chose to publish the results, demonstrates that Galup had some ulterior motive. As a society we need to continually move forward. But we also need to be truthful. And when I read a headline that 20% of Gen Z identifies as queer, all that comes to mind is that poll was clearly flawed. Truth should always be the endgame and clearly it wasn’t in this case.

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