California Female Runner Loses Her Rightful Spot at the Track & Field State Championships to a Transgender Female

We have reached a point in time that calls for the vast majority of those who believe in fair play in sports, to have our voices heard. We need to stand in support of our sisters, daughters and granddaughters. We again have a situation where a biological girl, lost her spot to compete in a Championship race, to a transgender girl (a boy, who identifies as a girl). With her 4th place finish, Senior, Adeline Johnson, lost her chance to run in the California state championships in track and field. The 7th place finisher, was unable to take her rightful place on the 6th place podium, knocked off that spot by that same runner.

Following the race, the trans female, Athena Ryan, spoke about lopping 17 seconds off her previous time, to lock down second place. Even if you know nothing about running, it should raise questions about how that was accomplished. As a former cross country and track runner, that is an incredible improvement from one race to the next. It leads me to believe that this person was either keeping something in the tank from the previous race or he joined the girls’ team because, while a decent runner perhaps, he was not good enough to compete against the elite males.

Athena’s 4:55, is a solid 1600-meter time in the girls’ race. But if Athena had competed as a male, he would have been in the back of the pack. I competed at that distance 40-years-ago, and I would have walked him. I assure you, I was not an elite male runner. But he would have been staring at the backs of my Asics Tigers, as I crossed the finished line in 6th or 7th place. He, in all likelihood wouldn’t have even qualified, hence his decision to compete as a female. The fact that he could celebrate such a tainted win, says more about the person, than could ever be spoken in words.

Fourth place finisher Adeline Johnson was deprived of a spot in the state championships, and she displayed her true emotions as she gave a thumbs down at the podium. Although she later stated that the thumbs down was for her performance. Let me be very clear. Despite what anyone says or believes, and despite the fact the far left might have doctors and psychologists who deny it, biological males have a clear and distinct advantage over biological female athletes. That is not up for debate! The very fact that we are seeing more and more trans athletes, competing at the elite level when they were non-competitive male athletes, speaks volumes. Changing one’s name, dressing in feminine fashions and wearing makeup, even if taking hormones, doesn’t negate or change that fact.

Those who say that not allowing trans females to compete against girls, are either wrong, mean spirited or insensitive, are completely off base and certainly not athletes. Allowing this isn’t going to buy trans kids acceptance. If anything, it will have the opposite effect. The narrative would be, “you can’t beat boys, so you compete against girls?” I never imagined there could be athletes that care more about winning than fair play. This continuing acceptance of something so wrong and unfair, is setting a dangerous precedent for female athletic competition. Will this finally end when there are no more female records left to be broken? Will people question it when the Wimbledon final features two trans females? Will female boxers risk their health and lives, competing against males? Hopefully, at that point, or prior, preferably, average Americans, and all athletic bodies, will finally come to their senses and ban all trans females from female competitions.

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