Russian Flight Disappears in Indonesia

As a frequent flyer, I find it absolutely amazing that anyone would step on to a Russian built aircraft.  Why does Russia need to produce aircraft?   Other than countries such as Iran, who would buy them?  Boeing and Airbus do a really fine job of building planes as do other regional aircraft builders such as Canadair and Embraer.  Russia has not had the most stellar record of safety and the 44 people who embarked on that flight must have been very brave indeed.  No doubt that many brilliant minds have come from Russia but airplane building and perhaps as important, airplane flying is not their thing.  So I would suggest, that Russians endeavor to do something other than build planes (add cars to that list), and leave that to the Americans, Brits, French, Canadians and Brazillians.  And here are the two most important pieces of advice I can give regarding flying:  1) Never scrimp when it comes to flying.  Look for the best price but on a reputable airline.  2) always check what kind of plane you are flying when out of  the country.  It could save your life.

2 thoughts on “Russian Flight Disappears in Indonesia

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