President Obama and His Star Studded Supporters

Am I the only person who finds it frustrating that this President spends so much of his time raising money from the very people (the 1%) who complain about our elitist society.  I am sure that the fundraiser at George Clooney’s place was quite the affair.  But why would he open his home to the President?  Why is he so involved other than it’s cool to know the President?  Why are the Hollywood elites in general so involved in politics?  Afterall, they spend so little time living in the “real world.”  The answer is twofold; 1) because they can financially afford to be and 2) so as to deflect criticism about their extravagant lifestyles, “defense by offiense”.  They refer to the crooked bankers making millions but why do actors make millions for making a movie?  How is movie making as important as corporations that create jobs and wealth?  Regardless of your opinion of the banks, almost no one reading this would own a home without a bank.  I have an idea Mr President.  Why not have “average man/woman” fundraisers across the country and charge fifty dollars a person, which is still a lot of money for many Americans.  I’m sure there are millions out there that would love to shave a fancy meal with their President.  You can still rake in the millions and fill your coiffeurs through volume. Why shouldn’t the average American have as much access to you as the Hollywood elite and the PACs that you so vehemently swore off of during your first campaign?  The fact is, it’s simply politics as usual and President Obama is a first class Politician.

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