How Small We Are

I was sitting at my desk in my office in NYC this afternoon, glimpsed up and saw an incredible bolt of lightning strike the Empire State Building.  It was so bright that I saw flashes of light for several minutes when I blinked, not to mention the thunderous roar that followed.  The heat wave of the past few days was ending as nature decided to cool things off with a very impressive display of light and sound.  And then it hit me.  For some reason, we human beings think we are powerful and in control of everything around us.  But in reality, we are just a very small part of a very large world.  That one bolt of lighting reaches a temperature of 54,000 degrees Farenheit.  It could keep a light bulb lit for a year or more.  Pretty awesome.  To think that we have been able to destroy in 100 years what took millions of years to evolve is pretty darn silly and simplistic.  The warming of our planet can just as easily be attributed to natural causes as carbon monoxide.  It could be part of a natural cycle.  We really don’t know for sure.  Tornadoes and hurricanes are more powerful than anything man could ever dream of.  With all of our technology man still can’t cure the common cold and certainly not cancer; (I don’t consider removing body parts and organs a cure).  Essentially we are at the mercy of everything around us despite the distaste that may leave.  From the time humans have inhabited this planet they  have prayed to nature and God.  That alone is an acceptance or an understanding that despite our arrogance, we are very small indeed.

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