Governor Christie’s Position on Marijuana Misguided

Governor Christie has now publicly stated that any attempt to decriminalize even small amounts of Marijuana would be met with the big “V”.  The problem with this position is it can no longer be logically justified.  Our criminal justice system can not continue to waste its shrinking resources trying cases of Marijuana possession on amounts under an ounce.  Furthermore, no one should see the inside of a jail cell for that amount of Marijuana.  It’s silly, antiquated, policy.  Pot smoking doesn’t increase crime, it’s no more dangerous than cigarettes and if regulated, could actually lead to a decrease in crime.  As someone who has never smoked pot in his life, (absolutely true), I can’t discuss the reason why people enjoy it, but many people do; many friends as a matter of fact, from all walks of life.   I will go out on a limb here and state, if all drugs were de-criminalized and regulated, we could end the ridiculous “war on drugs” once and for all.  Governor Christie, should join the real world and re-examine his position on this issue.  And finally, if President Obama could go out on a limb and back such a contentious issue as gay marriage, he should have nothing to lose by supporting decriminalization.  Even gay bashers smoke pot.  I am under no illusions about my party ever supporting this, but again, there needs to be a voice of reason from at least one person in the Republican Party.  Maybe one person can make a difference.

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