Should Boy Scout Ban on Gays Be Ended?

Controversial topics like the ban on gay Boyscout leaders are difficult to address, but that doesn’t mean we should stick our heads in the sand and hope it will go away.   As a fiscal conservative, social moderate, I believe most personal, social issues i.e. abortion, are not my business.  Everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit and the same should apply to me.  Americans shouldn’t care how others choose to live their lives as long as they re not being forced to live their lives in the same fashion.  There’s a great billboard on the FDR Drive in New York City that says “if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married”.  The point should be well taken.  Before addressing the issue of Gay Boy Scout leaders, let’s examine the recent unpleasantries of the Catholic Church.  Everyone has a theory on the Priest sexual abuse scandal.  Some believe gay men  joined the Priesthood because they wanted to deny their homosexuality.  Therefore, devoting themselves to god and celibacy allowed them to be cleansed of those feelings in favor of the greater good; ultimately to serve god.  My theory is somewhat different.  I believe sexual predators joined the Priesthood because they knew they would have an endless supply of potential prey.  Keep in mind, I am a Martial Artist and I have trained many police officers over the years so I may have a somewhat different perspective.  But one thing is absolutely certain, sexual predators are very sick individuals who can not be helped.  You will not find a legitimate mental health professional who would ever say a child molester can be fully cured.  For whatever reason, something goes terribly awry and they are broken.  I will state it again for the record, these individuals can not be fixed.  This is no different from the alcoholic who will be in recovery for the remainder of his or her life but will never be cured.  The difference is however,  unless driving drunk, the alcoholic only poses a threat to him or herself.  Let’s move on to the Boy Scout scenario.  Most homosexuals, like most heterosexuals are normal, functioning people.  They go to work, have families, take vacations and so on.  The issue with the Boy Scouts, is how to you absolutely and completely weed out those sick individuals who might see the Boy Scouts as an opportunity to molest young boys.   Do we take that chance simply so we don’t seem discriminatory?  It’s really a question for an ethicist.  But one thing is certain, if one child, ONE is molested, we have all failed and failure is not an option in this case.  So whatever your position, all I ask, all I ever ask, is that you approach the topic through logical and not emotional reasoning.  The life of a child far outweighs the life of an individual or even a community.

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