Judo – The Basics

As a Ju Jitsu/Judo instructor from a very traditional school and system, all techniques and terminology will be taught in Japanese and English.  Before teaching any specific judo throws it is important to learn falling techniques, known as “ukemi”.  If you don’t learn ukemi, you can not participate or you will be injured.  Getting slammed to the mat can take a toll even if you are proficient at falling.  First, is the judo gi.  It is the outfit worn by the Judoka or Judo player.  It should not be marked, ripped, or have any patches.  It is considered disrespectful to even wipe the sweat from your brow on the sleeves.  It is not unlike a Karate gi except it is made of a heavier material so it doesn’t tear easily.  The participants in judo practice, “uchi-komi”, are referred to as the” tori” and the”uki”.  The tori is the person who is attempting to execute the throw and the uki is the person being thrown.  In order to throw your opponent you must break his or her balance, “kushushi”.  Once you become proficient in falling and have a throw or two under your belt, you will be ready to participate in “randori”, judo freestyle practice.  To begin, the tori and the uki hook up in what is known as the standard “kumi-kata” position.  If doing this in the right-handed position. The tori grabs the right sleeve of the uki’s gi with his left hand and the left lapel of the uki’s gi with his right.  It is important to get a good grip which I will explain in the next post.  The tori then attempts to throw the uki by breaking his balance in the direction he wishes to throw.  This can be accomplished by pushing and pulling, using speed, strength and agility.  I will explain this further and attach illustrations so you can clearly see as to what I am referring.  Domo Origato.  Thank you.

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