Missing Iowa Cousins Believed Abducted

While all eyes are focussed on the tragedy in Colorado, a tragic story is unfolding in Iowa.  The two cousins who vanished in to thin air, are now believed to have been abducted.  As it turns out, police are suspicious of one of the girls parents, Daniel Morrisey who is awaiting trial on drug charges.  It is safe to say police are considering him a suspect.  He and his wife are no longer cooperating with police.  In my experience, guilty people act guilty and innocent people, have nothing to hide.  It is apparently highly unusual to have an abduction in such a small town where everyone knows each other.  With each passing day it becomes less and less likely the girls will be found alive.  Whoever is responsible must pay a serious price.  As I stated yesterday in my post regarding the Colorado mass murder, there needs to be a federal death penalty statute for these types of crimes.  A local crime of passion, should be dealt with at the local level but a mass murder should be elevated to the federal courts to be decided.  All felonious crimes are heinous, but crimes of passion are very different from indiscriminate mass murder.  Currently thirty-three US states have death penalty laws on the books with only a handful, including Texas, actually executing people regularly.  If the girls are not found alive, whoever is guilty of the crimes, will likely spend his or her life in prison since there is no capital punishment in Iowa.

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