Judo Throw #5 – Marote Seoinage Reinforced Shoulder Throw

Marote Seoinage is a full hip throw.  What differentiates this throw from other hip throws is the hand position.  This is a very powerful throw and can be a difficult one to take as an uki, if executed properly.  To begin, tori and uki hook up in the kumi kata position.  On a right-sided throw, the tori breaks the ukis balance by pulling him on to the balls of his feet.  The  tori then steps in, lining up the right ball of his foot with the right ball of the tori’s foot.  Tori then steps in with his left foot, forming a “V” with his right foot.  The arm positioning is key in this throw.  The tori’s right elbow crosses the uki’s body and shoots up underneath the uki’s right armpit.  Two key points: 1) the wrist must rotate all the way forward as if to punch the ground.  If the wrist position is broken, you risk injury since it is not in a strong position.   2) you must come in particularly low for this throw, unless your uki is considerably taller.  To throw, pull with your left arm and drive your elbow into the armpit causing your uki to go over.  He should land directly in front of you.  Pull up on your ukis left arm in order to keep him from landing on the small of his back.  In the street, throw as hard as necessary to ensure your safety.

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