Hollywood and the GOP

Clint Eastwood threw his support behind Mitt Romney while attending a fundraiser for the Presidential hopeful in the ski resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho.  The reason he gave for the endorsement was “the country needs a boost somewhere”.  He also spoke about the need for a President “to restore, hopefully, a decent tax system that we need badly so that there is a fairness and people aren’t pitted against one another”.  One would think, as an actor and director he could be more eloquent, but real life isn’t acting.  Anything more than “make my day” or “punk” is too much to ask I suppose .   The Romney campaign raised more than two million dollars which started me thinking about why we often see liberal Hollywood endorsing President Obama but rarely do we see Hollywood conservatives doing the same.  It didn’t take me long to realize all one has to do is look at the vocal conservatives; Mel Gibson and Ted Nugent for example.  Nothing more needs to be said here.  Jon Voight, Gene Simmons, Brittany Spears, and Jessica Simpson; all supporters of the GOP.  All are polarizing figures with not a lot to offer on the national campaign trail.  Hollywood liberals do a much better job of staying on point and focussing on the issues that concern them.  Their messages appeal to a vast majority of the public because they seem to be on the side of the average person.  They are well spoken and tempered.  Whereas the Hollywood conservatives appear aligned with big business, religious fanatics and guns.  Who could ever forget the image of Charlton Heston raising his rifle over his head and declaring “from my cold, dead hands”?  This is completely misleading of course but the Republican leadership does a very poor job of dispelling images such as these.  Supporters like Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney are the elites of the elites and yet no one questions their motives.  But why do the liberal Hollywood elites come across that way?  Anyone who has ever looked up in to the Hills of Hollywood or Beverly would realize Hollywood royalty is not aligned with them.  Part of the reason is conservatives don’t lie about wealth.  They believe it’s the right as an American and every American should want and have the ability to obtain it.  When Clooney is done playing make-believe, he heads off to his villa in Lake Como, Italy to enjoy his vast wealth, which, by the way, he earned and deserves.  I simply question the deception.  The Democratic party is the party of the downtrodden, so the Republicans must be the elites.  “Misery, loving company”.  Conservatives don’t play class warfare, liberals do, and conservatives haven’t yet figured out a way to be the party of the downtrodden with optimism.   The Republican party needs to find the conservative, Hollywood voice who can articulate and intelligently speak to the issues at hand.  They must change the party image, particularly with woman and minorities, if they are to stand a chance of taking back the White House in November.

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