Come Along Hold #3 Kubi Hiji Tekubi – Neck Elbow Wrist

The third come along hold is extremely useful because it does not require a garment be worn.  It is highly effective and very simple to execute.  To begin, tori grabs opposite wrist of the uki.  Right grabs right; left grabs left.  On the right side, after grabbing uki’s right wrist, pull with some force ensuring wrist of uki is facing up.  Tori then slides left arm under the right arm of the uki ensuring uki’s elbow is directly on top of tori’s arm, (elbows only bend one way) and grabs behind the neck.  Tori extends out his left arm and uses the right arm to put pressure down on uki’s wrist causing great discomfort on the elbow of the uki.  If there is resistance, apply pressure down on the wrist as needed.

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