When Assad Falls Who or What is the Alternative?

Bashar al-Assad will lose his hold on power in the coming days.  It doesn’t matter how resilient he is, as the defections continue, his days will be numbered.  In his case, the US will be happy to see him go.  Assad has absolutely no redeeming qualities and no matter what happens, or who assumes power, it probably won’t be worse.  This is a very different scenario from what happened in Libya and Egypt with Muammar Qaddafi and Hosni Mubarak..  Muammar Quadffi was essentially a non-issue to the outside world.  Inside Libya he was a brutal dictator who ruled with an iron fist.   But he was no longer a threat to the US or our interests following the admission of Libya’s role in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 2003.  Although he never admitted personally giving the order to carry out the attack, he did approve compensation to the victims’ families.  Mubarak was a good friend to the US and secretly and outwardly, a good friend to Israel.  Mubarak was also a brutal dictator but a practical one, who understood that of all the countries in the Middle East, Israel was the smallest threat to him.  In addition, he appreciated the fact Israel kept Gaza under tight control, meaning he didn’t have to deal with it most of the time.  He didn’t trust or want anything to do with Hamas controlled Gaza.  But Assad has never been a friend to the US or Israel.  Syria has backed much of the terrorism in the Middle East including Hezbollah along with Iran.  Assad’s demise will be our gain.  Once we determine who is in control of the country, we will have a better idea of how to deal with them.  If the eventual handover of power is to a group as bad or worse than Assad, we have to worry about their self-proclaimed stockpile of chemical weapons.  It might even require military intervention.  Afterall, if we were able to attack Iraq based on chemical weapons being stockpiled, it shouldn’t be an issue when Assad himself has made the declaration.  It is too dangerous to allow these weapons to fall in to the wrong hands.  I hope the Obama administration is thinking that way since he is the Obamanator.  How ironic that the President who is so eloquent with his words would become so proficient with his weapons.   Hopefully the President and his administration will get this one right as it’s too important an issue; failure is not an option.  In the end, another dictator will assume power and not much will change but the harshness of the rhetoric.

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