Paul Ryan Bad Choice For Romney and the GOP

Mitt Romney has confirmed Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice Presidential running mate.   Recently it had become apparent that neither Rice nor Rubio were in the running for the position, which is too bad.  I simply don’t believe Ryan is the best choice.  He is certainly conservative and will appeal to the power brokers in the party but in terms of national campaign appeal, he is not marketable enough, other than his youth.  We are faced with two starched and pressed white men, which is problematic at best and probably won’t win a presidential election.  Ryan is fiscally conservative which I certainly respect and what we need right now but will it appeal to America?  You can’t win a national election with only staunch conservatives and evangelicals behind you.  What’s most disappointing is Romney had a chance to make history and passed up on it in favor of the so-called “safe choice”.   Either Rubio or Rice would have helped Romney where he’s weakest, (latinos and women).  I am unsure as to what the Republicans are thinking.  Ryan as VP is just be more of the same and it will be tough to get the country fired up and enthusiastically behind the ticket.  Romney has made his first and most serious gaffe.  Will he and Ryan prove me wrong?  We’ll know in Three months.

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