The Subtle Differences Between the GOP and Dems

Now that the GOP ticket is complete all of the analysis begins.  Between now and election day all of our resolve will be tested with the repetitive bombardment of election issues.   Quite frankly, I am not looking forward to it.  Our pre-election and election campaigns are too long.  President Obama has been campaigning since he won the 2008 election.  If anyone doesn’t know where the candidates stand on the issues at this point, he/she has been living in a cave.  But aside from all of the obvious issue differences what are the “real” subtle differences that are not clearly stated?  First, Republicans have always been the party of optimism.  They have done a much better job of telling us what’s right with America, than what’s wrong.  Prosperity for all can be found in the context of the Founders’ vision of this country.  Democrats play to fear and anxiety.  If you don’t do this, everything will come to an end.  Nancy Pelosi is the only person on the planet whose net worth is over one hundred million dollars who appears downtrodden.   Second, and on that same mode of thinking, the Democrats point to the Republicans as if they are the party of the wealthy, while clearly it isn’t true.  Of the top 50 wealthiest Congresspeople, 27 are Democrats and 23 are Republicans.  Topping the list is Democratic Senator and former Presidential candidate, John Kerry from Massachusetts, with a net worth close to two hundred million dollars.  That’s actually a great thing and should not be looked down upon.  But it shouldn’t be hidden either.  It’s time for the Democrats to stop playing this, we are the party of the poor and underprivileged nonsense.  Third and perhaps most important is the belief in the individual.  Newly announced VP candidate Paul Ryan said something very interesting and absolutely true in his first speech as VP candidate.  Loosely quoted he stated, “we must guarantee the opportunity to succeed, but we can’t guarantee the outcome”.  Not everyone has the same ability, not everyone is as smart or attractive as other people.  That’s called life and we must play the hand we’re dealt.  Democrats don’t like or accept this.  They believe people are entitled to things above and beyond basic necessities.  But that mentality is not what built this country, made this country great or will raise her from this lackluster recession.  President Obama’s speech, “you didn’t get there yourself” was misguided and incorrect.  Some people have made it on their own and despite great obstacles.  In November, what will bring this country back is belief, optimism, excitement and better, more sound economic policy; not stimulus/deficit money.  President Reagan was the master.  President Obama, despite the fact he is a great orator, is not in a position to do this.  He simply doesn’t know how.

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