Texas Man Executed After Fourth Stay Denied By US Supreme Court

Holding on to its title as the “execution state”, Texas put to death one more death row inmate, Cleve Foster.  Foster was convicted of the rape and murder of Nyanuer “Mary” Pal whose body was found naked and in a ditch in 2002.  She was last seen alive leaving the bar with Foster and another man, Shelton Ward, who died of brain cancer on death row in 2010.  There was some question about how well Foster was defended by his attorney which is the reason for the three stays of execution granted by the Supreme Court.  There is no question in this case that the right men were convicted and the execution of Foster was carried out properly within the confines of the law.  Whether he was inebriated or not, or in his right mind, a heinous act was perpetrated on in innocent woman and justice has been served.  What is disturbing about this case is why Texas has so many death row inmates and are they all receiving proper counsel?  I wholeheartedly support the death penalty because in this country and in the world, there are a very small number of individuals who are incapable of acting as and living amongst civilized human beings.  Whatever the reasons, they exhibit anti-social, mad behavior, that can not be tolerated.  But by the same token, the death penalty is over used in Texas because of the mentality in that state.  I love Texas, I’ve been there many times, but they have their own rules down there that need to be put under a microscope to ensure they are not overstepping the bounds of what is acceptable.  There is no honor in being known as the capital punishment state.  It’s actually a shameful title seeing that Texas executes four times as many people as the next capital punishment state.  Perhaps more needs to be done to keep individuals off death row in the first place.  That’s a direct challenge to the great state of Texas.

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