Muslim Call For Ban on Free Speech Should Have Received Stern Reaction From President Obama

What is taking place at this week’s General Assembly meeting is more of the same insanity.  Quite frankly, the United States should opt out.  The UN is located on our shores, in the center of the free world, we foot the majority of the bill and must to listen to ridiculous rhetoric.  President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari” argued for global anti-blasphemy laws while speaking at the U.N. General Assembly.  Zardari said, “the world body must act immediately to curtail speech critical of Islam”.  Of course he said nothing about Christianity or Judaism.  To his credit, the President did say free speech is one of our most cherished freedoms and one that would be impossible to control in the age of social media.  But he was not strong enough in his condemnation of this objective.   The President doesn’t understand that as the leader of the free world his responsibility lies with peace-loving nations, not totalitarian dictatorships.  It’s something that former, (worst President in our history, Jimmy Carter) would have done.  The correct response should have been, while I understand that Muslims were offended by the anti-Muslim video, free speech is a non-negotiable right and the United States does not answer to anyone, including the UN when it comes to the question of free speech or any cherished rights of American citizens.  So you can all have fun with the idea of anti-blasphemy laws but as far as I and the United States is concerned, it’s a dead issue.  This President continues to demonstrate a lack of command.  Making a phone call and approving a drone attack from thousands of miles away is not the same as standing in someone’s face and telling them the way it is.  Yes, the President should want to seem reasonable but not when it comes down to that which this country holds so dear.  It’s the reason this President is the weakest foreign policy President since Carter and at least Carter has the Camp David accord on his resume.  President Obama must not relinquish the United States’ role as the leader of the free world simply to placate evil dictators and to seem moderate and reasonable in the eyes of the world.  It’s one of his greatest flaws and one that will come back to haunt him.

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