Update: Sons of Anarchy Actor Johnny Lewis Under The Influence of “Smiles”

Update: Johnny Lewis may be have been influenced by a new street drug called Smiles.  But no one put the drug in his hand the same way a pistol can’t pull its own trigger.  He needs to be held fully responsible for his actions and no excuses should be accepted!  An innocent woman is dead.

The body of Johnny Lewis was discovered where he rented a room at a hillside home near Hollywood, California.  There were reports of a woman screaming which sent officers to the home.  In addition, neighbors told police that a man had jumped over a fence, assaulted a painter and homeowner next door, and jumped back over the fence.  When they arrived, they found two bodies the 81-year-old woman and Lewis.  She appeared to have been beaten although the coroner has yet to release the exact cause of death.  Lewis either jumped or fell off the roof.    Although not an A list actor he had some fairly noteworthy roles, appearing in the 2007 movie AVPR: Aliens vs Predator —  Requiem and was Dennis Childress for two seasons on TV’s The O.C.  In addition, in 2008 and 2009, he played Epps on FX’s Sons of Anarchy.  It appeared Lewis was another tortured soul who couldn’t figure it out.  One would have to think he was high on something to kill his eighty-one year old landlady, accost a painter and a neighbor and then jump to his death, if that’s what happened.  One thing is certain, the Hollywood community must not come out and defend this man or say how wonderful he was until all the facts are disclosed.  If he did kill his landlady, whatever the reason, he was a cold-blooded murderer and should be forgotten once his lifeless body is buried.

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