Behind The Scenes – The Real Hollywood

I recently visited Paramount Studios and was amazed  by the number of people behind the scenes who are the backbone of the entertainment industry.  In the past, I have certainly been straightforward with how I feel about Hollywood elites who offer opinions on many topics that in no way affect them.  Meryl Streep for example, who appears to be a very sweet, genuine person, sent her daughter to a fancy private school in New York.  I know this because my wife is a graduate of the same institution.  It’s a $25,000/year country day school and is a great experience for those who can afford it.  The liberal ideology is only made more simple because of the abstract wealth.  It’s offensive because it’s disingenuous.  The people in the background who work at the various studios, are the ones who should really be commended.  They take scenes, often shot out of sequence and context and turn them in to sitcoms and movies.  They include the set designers, sound people, special effects people, editors, and writers and so many others.  They are the true geniuses behind the productions.   They are the real movie makers but of course only earn a fraction of what actors and actresses earn.  Jerry Seinfeld put it best.  He said, “what’s so difficult about acting?  Just tell us what we told you to say”.  Now obviously it’s more of an art than that, but it’s also where all the glory is to be found.  I just wanted to recognize all of those individuals who really bring the movies to the big screen and television to the small screen.

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