Finally Some Good News For Romney as Economists Pick Romney as More Likely to Heal Economy

Finally some good news for Mitt Romney as lead economists have chosen him as more likely to help the economy.  Nine of 17 top economists surveyed by CNNMoney picked Romney when asked whose election would help the economy grow more. Only three picked Obama.  There was a caveat there, saying essentially, Romney is the lesser of the two evils.   The main reason for this decision has to do with the business climate regarding regulatory uncertainty.  Nothing business hates more than not knowing.  After a very bad couple of weeks for the Romney/Ryan ticket, at last, something they can work with.  Republican strategists should already have the commercials prepared to run in all of the close races around the country.  If unemployment doesn’t fall below 8.0% when those numbers are released, and if Romney does well in the debates, it could be a turning point for the Republicans.   In summation, there is the belief Romney has more experience and would do a better job jump starting the economy. Although the clock is running, with three debates ahead and economic uncertainty, the race may not yet be over.

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