First Grader Beats Up Former Football Player Teacher?

The story of a New York City teacher being beaten up and humiliated by a six-year-old student is almost to ridiculous to take seriously.  Never mind that a six-year-old beat up a grown man.  The teacher in question is a former 250 pound running back.  John Webster said he was so humiliated he had to seek therapy.  He should be humiliated, but therapy?  It’s almost too unbelievable, except it really happened.  According to the “occurrence report” the boy karate kicked John Webster in the leg in April.  Webster’s lawyer, Andrew Siben said, “this kid is clearly a tiny terror”.  He continued, “It’s sad that teachers like Mr. Webster are not offered protection from someone who can endanger teachers.”  Mr Siben is the very definition of an “ambulance chaser”.  Tying up resources with such silliness is a waste of taxpayer dollars.  I suggest the former football hero study a Martial Art of some type, so the next time he is brutally assaulted by a first grader he’ll be prepared.  If this former running back can’t defend himself against a six-year-old, the kid should receive extra credit along with free kicks to Mr. Webster’s groin.  Yes there are serious issues out there with teachers being assaulted by their students, but this is not one of those cases.  The Queens teacher is planning to sue the city of New York for his traumatic experience.  I certainly hope a judge see’s this for what it is, utter nonsense!

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