Border Patrol Guard Killed Along Arizona Border

Nicolas Ivie, a US border patrol agent, was shot and killed along the Arizona border with Mexico.  He’s been with the federal agency since 2008.  A second patrol agent was also shot but is expected to survive.  This story should outrage every single American and yet it seems to be receiving very little air time.  Although Mexico is an ally and shares a border, it doesn’t mean we must accept casualties of men and women who are patrolling there, attempting to protect the integrity of our border.  The response to this senseless murder should be immediate and conclusive.  It can not go unpunished.  The United States simply can not accept gutless, lawless behavior from the other side of the border.  We don’t have this problem with our friends and neighbors to the north.  Canada is an affluent, civilized country and people don’t risk their lives to leave.  The Mexican Government must start acting like a government and not a third world, inept, group of addlepated buffoons.  In terms of the brutality that has been taking place in Mexico, the government needs to take a stand.  That’s what ultimately gives any government legitimacy; “the monopoly over the techniques of violence”  Where the rule of law doesn’t apply there is no governance.  The problems of Mexico can not be fixed in a day, week or year, but there never appears to be a starting point.  The war on drugs is dead but the war on terror, which is what this attack was, continues along our southern border.

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