First of Two Presidential Debates – Tonight

October 3, 2012 – The first of two Presidential debates will take place tonight at the University of Denver.  The debate begins at 9:00 and will be focussed on domestic policy.  While there has been much written about the importance of this debate for President Obama, the truth is, it’s far more crucial for Mitt Romney.  He is trailing in all of the polls and this is his opportunity to re-introduce himself to the American public.  Since the Republican convention and the sterling performance put in by former President Clinton, Romney has been a non-issue; almost invisible.  Now he has a chance to show what he’s made of going head to head with the President.  If he doesn’t seize this opportunity all might be lost.  President Obama, if he has one weakness in an otherwise, polished presentation, is his ability to speak off the cuff.  In front of a prompter, there’s none better, without it…remains to be seen.  If Romney comes out tomorrow night and hits a home run, he’s back in the race.

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