Chevy Volt Has Record Sales Month in September

The Chevy Volt posted its all time record sales month with 2851 sold in the month of September.  In August, the Volt sold 2831 units.  Year to date 2012, GM has sold 16,348 cars compared to 3,895 year to date through September of 2011.  Of course last year the car was not being widely distributed to dealers.  It was only being sold in five states and the District of Columbia.  With gas prices remaining high and excellent incentives being offered, the Volt should continue to sell well through the end of the year.  It is outselling mainstays such as the Corvette and is outpacing the Nissan Leaf by more than 2:1.  As I have written several times in the past number of months, the Volt is a great car, not just a great electric car.  Anyone test driving one will be convinced that General Motors did a terrific job bringing this car to market.  It’s almost as if GM realized, “this is our last chance so we can’t screw it up.  Not only didn’t GM screw it up, it hit a five run home run.  If sales continue to be strong, there will no longer be a question of the Volt’s survival, but rather on how many other vehicles the technology will be used.

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