Voter ID Law Blocked By Judge In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Judge Robert Simpson has just ruled that the law enacted by the legislature and signed by Governor Tom Corbett requiring voters to show ID before voting, will not be valid for the upcoming election on November 6th.  The reason given by the Judge for blocking enactment despite easier access to IDs is,  “the proposed changes are to occur about five weeks before the general election, and I question whether sufficient time now remains to attain the goal of liberal access” to ID cards.  In other words, there isn’t sufficient time for all of those seeking to obtain ID cards to actually receive them.  Whether or not that’s a valid argument is up for question but one thing is certain, asking for ID before voting, is not unreasonable.  A person can’t get on a plane,  open a bank account, or even obtain a library card without ID.  But to vote; to ensure a person’s legal right to exercise one of our most important and fundamental freedoms, as citizens’ of this country, that’s a questionable practice?  The liberals use the argument that it’s unfair.  How can anyone living legally, in the United States of America in 2012 not have ID?  It’s actually insane not to question the validity of voters as they enter the voting booth.  The only possible reason for questioning it, is there are a number of voters who are illegals.  If that’s the case, they’re breaking the law.  There is no wiggle room here.  No one can turn this argument in to  a case of discrimination if everyone is being held to the same standard.  The way liberals are portraying the Republican Party and politicizing this issue is disgraceful.  It speaks poorly of the Democratic leadership that they would rather win the election then be sure voters are eligible to vote.  The Republicans need to hammer away at this issue, right up until Election Day.

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