Spirit Airlines To Impose $100 Carry-On Fee

As a frequent flyer, I find it absolutely preposterous that an airline would charge customers a $100 carry-on baggage fee.  That’s exactly what Spirit Airlines will implement on November 6.  Spirit, a discount carrier, has run amok with this notion of rasing additional funds.  No question it’s very expensive to run an airline, but perhaps the concept of an off priced carrier is a bit of a misnomer.  If the airline has to charge all of the exorbitant fees to make a profit, it should charge more for the tickets up front and stop picking the pockets of less seasoned travellers.  There is no added cost to the airline for waiting until sitting at the gate and the airline is taking advantage because it can.  At the point at which a flier passes through security, he/she is at the mercy of the carrier.  Of course luggage increases the weight of the plane thereby causing it to use more fuel but where you declare your carry-on baggage makes no difference.  It’s simply hoarding and is a deceptive practice.  The airline is hoping to cash on the fact that unsuspecting passengers will be caught by surprise and be forced to pay the excessive fee.  If a passenger must pay all of these additional fees, thereby greatly increasing the overall cost of the ticket, why fly in a plane that is more similar to a cattle car than an aircraft.  Southwest, WestJet and jetBlue, are the only off price carriers that do an excellent job of flying passengers at reasonable prices, while allowing passengers to hold on to their dignity.  Both carriers offer excellent customer service.  I flew Spirit one time, out of great necessity and I will not fly it again.  I would rent a car first.  Add on the excessive fees and Spirit becomes an extremely poor choice.

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