University of Alabama Campus Police Officer Shoots, Kills Naked Freshman

A University of Alabama Campus Police Officer shot and killed an eighteen year old Freshman who was acting menacingly.  Spokesman Keith Ayres said, “Gilbert Thomas Collar was killed by a single gunshot to the chest”.  Ayers continued, “The incident began at 1:30AM when Collar banged on the window of the campus police station.  The officer drew his gun after finding Collar in a fighting stance.  The officer tried to calm Collar and retreated several times before shooting him.  Collar was ordered several times to halt and continued to challenge the officer even after being shot”.  Of course that part is necessary to make it appear as self-defense.  “My life was in danger” is the standard answer given, when claiming “self-defense”.  Apparently this officer, in possession of a firearm, was threatened by a student, albeit a wrestler, who was 5’7″ and weighed 135 pounds according to his mother.  He was also naked and clearly unarmed.  As a Martial Artist who has trained many police officers over the years in hand to hand combat, (the foundation of Ju Jitsu), there are many other ways to have subdued this young man other than shooting him.  While it’s never wise to speculate until one has all the facts, there are more questions than answers.  The standard for killing someone in self-defense is equal force to end a potentially lethal situation.  Where was the potentially lethal force being offered from Collar?  Naked, erratic, drug induced individuals can be dealt with in a multitude of ways including mace and a nightstick, or perhaps the local PD should have been called for back-up.  If he was not trained properly, he should not have been in that position.  Simply stated, there is no way this young man should be dead.  The officer needs to be scrutinized and brought up on charges if this student did nothing more than make verbal threats and get in a fighting stance.  I believe the officer was out of his league, was unprofessional, and did the only thing he knew how in this situation.  Let his conscience be his first punishment.

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