The Truth About The Obama Foreign Policy

If the President has an area of vulnerability, it’s in the area of foreign policy.  Mitt Romney, if he campaigns properly, should be able to keep the pressure on in the remaining two weeks leading up to the election.  This President is one of the weakest foreign policy Presidents in recent history.  Let’s examine his record by starting with his positives.  President Obama did end the war in Iraq, though history may prove we pulled out too soon.  He has been very efficient on hunting down and killing Al Qaeda operatives.  He was at the helm when at last, Osama Bin Laden was killed, although one might conclude that’s not foreign policy.  Allies certainly respect him and he has built some goodwill.  Those are his four of his major accomplishments.  Now the negatives.  He has been the worst, most neglectful President in terms of the Palestinian, Israeli conflict.  He’s done nothing to help the Palestinians and has for the first time, since the establishment of Israel, in 1948, has worsened our relationship with our closest ally in the region.   The North Koreans and Iranians have shown no respect to him and have continued with their nefarious intentions.  He has attempted to handle US diplomacy through the UN and NATO and that has proven to be a huge failure.  You don’t need to be Commander and Chief to understand that as President, you don’t hand over our national interests to the UN.  In fact, the UN does not have our best interests at hand.  This President is more interested in making the US look like good, than driving our foreign policy.  This President Bowed to the Saudi King (photo above) The President of these United States Bows to No One.  That was a huge error in protocol and can be seen on YouTube.  He spent his first year in office apologizing in an attempt to improve the opinion of the US around the world.  It hasn’t worked.  The attack and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi demonstrated a complete failure on the part of this administration. Simply deflecting criticism, using anger and outrage doesn’t absolve him or his administration of incompetence or simple neglect.  There is evidence as early as three months prior to his death Ambassador Stevens was concerned about security.  According to the Washington Times, in a diplomatic cable in June, “Ambassador Stevens cited the rise of “Islamic extremism” and  displays of “the Al Qaeda  flag” over buildings outside the city of Benghazi, where he and three other Americans would be killed  in a terrorist attack on Sept. 11”.  Documents contain evidence the State Department denied requests for enhanced security in Benghazi in the months leading up to 9-11.  The lack of security only aided Al Qaeda in carrying out this brutal terrorist attack.  While the President should be respected for accepting responsibility, he must also be held accountable.  For all of these reasons, President Obama falls woefully short in the area of foreign policy and that should leave him exposed in Florida as well as on November 6th.

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