General Petraeus Resigns Due To Extramarital Affair?

The timing of CIA Director and four-start general, David Petraeus’ resignation, must raise a red flag.  Although not a big conspiracy theorist, it is a huge coincidence that a few days after Obama is re-elected, Petraeus resigns.  What’s even stranger is that none of the news agencies broke the story, there was no pressure to resign from the outside, he just resigned.  So why is it strange?  Extramarital affairs are not illegal in the agency per se. Of course the theory is, they can lead to a serious breach of security.  That assumes General Petraeus was discussing top-secret operations and documents with Paula Broadwell, his biographer and reserve Army Officer.  Since she’s also a military person the likelihood of her affair with Petraeus leading to a security breach is a greater assumption than might ordinarily be the case.  An Affair is discouraged because if a foreign government became aware of it, the person having the affair might be threatened, either by force or blackmail, to hand over sensitive information.  His wife of thirty-eight years would probably be more privy to information than Ms Broadwell.  Why not force him to divorce his wife?  Interestingly, when the bodies of Chris Stevens and three other Americans were returned to Andrews Airforce base, the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State were all there.  Petraeus was conspicuously absent from the contingent.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “officials close to Mr. Petraeus say he stayed away in an effort to conceal the agency’s role in collecting intelligence and providing security in Benghazi.”  So are we to believe an affair brought down the illustrious career of General Petraeus, or is it something else?  Since I have not yet seen anyone else questioning the strange circumstance of his resignation, for now it’s just my theory that the CIA was possibly about to release important information on Benghazi that would have been unfavorable to the President.  We already knew that increased security requested by Ambassador Stevens months before his murder, was denied by this administration.  Remember, President Obama is now essentially unfettered by an election and Power does strange things to people.  The FBI was called in to investigate General Petraeus’, affair and he agreed to resign rather than risk further disgrace for his family.   At this point in history, does the FBI have nothing more important to do than investigate the Director of the CIA and a known woman who happened to write his biography?  That requires an investigation?  As any Four Star, Hero General would do, he fell on his sword.  Expect to hear nothing further on Benghazi.

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